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Dr Doolittle may have been able to talk to the animals but not everyone can. Our quantitative, qualitative and observational studies are tailored to get the most out of budgets.
Spread your marketing wings with influential data and insight, tactical or continuous.

Getting to know more about your shoppers or potential shoppers, the environments they live, play and shop in, and of course the staff at the heart of retail, can never be valued too highly. We have years of expertise in the UK and Europe and work to a blank canvas or to fill specific knowledge gaps.

Don’t forget. Research is about gathering knowledge. Great research is about finding the insight in that knowledge and translating it into solutions and new ways of communicating to better engage. That’s what we do best.

When you need a deep and meaningful conversation and some fantastic insight then there’s nothing better than qualitative research. OK a nice bit of fish or a cooling glass of something maybe. Alright then, depth discussions it is!
  • Focus Groups
    Talking to a group gains interactive discussions and allows respondents to think more about their behaviour. We make sure we are as interactive and creative as we can be. These groups are fun and rewarding and you never know what you might learn on the way!
  • Accompanied Shops
    One of the best ways of understanding real life shopping behaviour is literally to go shopping. We accompany our respondents, observe where they go and what they look at, and perhaps most importantly what they don’t. We then gently probe and tease until we get to understand the subconscious triggers and how we can make that shopping experience work to our advantage.
  • Intercepts
    How many times have you been in the supermarket and watched someone suddenly stop and pick up a product or even seen them browse for what seems a decade and then walk off empty handed? Interrupting them directly during that action and probing for thoughts, influences and attitudes can make all the difference to the next campaign you develop.
  • Depth Interviews
    Delivering just what it says on the tin, an in-depth probing conversation with shoppers, consumers or staff.
When data really matters to build a story or demostrate robust direction, quantitative research offers many and varied methodologies.
  • Exit interviews
    Caalogue shopper behaviour or thoughts, impressions and opinions at store entrance or exit, at the fixture or even on the street. From one question to multiples its not what you ask but how you phrase it that finds the insight needed.
  • Online surveys
    From quick turnaround data to support or disprove a theory or even to test some creative directions, to detailed shopper segmentation studies. We can select specific respondent types by purchase habits, brand usage or where they shop, and through detailed data mining we can provide a simple solution or guide long term strategies.
  • Observational
    Nothing beats physically watching behaviour. And flamingos are notoriously patient and attentive. Observations collect much valued data but more than that – they segment footfall and dwell time, find hot and cold spots and allow you to intercept and interrogate at the point of interaction.