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Head of our colony is Helen Davies.

Helen is articulate, funky, often opinionated, outrageously passionate about her craft and really knows her industry.

With far too many years of expertise under her belt to mention here, Helen brings you both local UK insight and international integrated knowledge to boot.

She has worked with some of the leading global and UK brands and retailers helping define winning strategies. She is a fantastic creative planner, getting deep down and dirty to make sure designers get more help than they can possibly need to let them deliver at what they do best. She has worked on above, below and through the line campaigns – planning, developing and delivering. And the plume de la plume is her wealth of experience as a qualitative researcher, giving hands on knowledge and insight.

Helen is much in demand from industry bodies, is a regular speaker at international events and occasionally puts pen to paper in the press.

And in her spare time she likes to lie on a beach dreaming of when she has won the lottery. But of course she did check out the missed impulse opportunities in-store when she went to buy her ticket!

And why flamingos….

Flamingos are a very social breed displaying some amazing traits of synchronised ritual behaviour. Small flocks are extremely rare and frequently colonies rank hundreds or thousands. They spend 15 to 30% of their day preening and the rest mostly eating and sleeping. There are 6 species encompassing in excess of 3.5 million flamingos worldwide. The greater flamingo is the tallest, standing between 120 and 150cm and weighing in at up to 3.5 kilos. The bright pink colouring is believed to emanate from carotenoid pigment found in flamingo’s feed. Coloration varies with the brightest pink or crimson amongst the Caribbean species.

You see? They aren’t that dissimilar to the 7 billion global human residents. Human behaviour has evolved over the centuries with social norms adapting and developing and clearly influencing individual behaviour. Just as the flamingo colonies in the south of France are monitored to better understand unusual migratory patterns, we monitor human behaviour and social developments to map trends and better engage and influence our shopper marketing.

Capturing knowledge and translating that knowledge into insight is our speciality. Aligning that insight to your objectives and driving your strategic vision is our key strength.

We love shopping. We thrive on understanding shoppers. We are great at influencing retail communication. We know point of sale and retail communication inside out. We are challenging. We are confident. We deliver results when it matters most.